Organic. Sustainable. Ethical.

These days my story is not that unique - I left my government social work career to take on the titles of entrepreneur and small business owner following the arrival of my daughter into our world. I'm a self taught seamstress who was absolutely sick of buying PJs for our daughter every 2 weeks because she was growing out of them. I found the store bought ones were designed short and I was constantly on the hunt for the next pair. It was irritating and expensive.

Then began my self-education on materials and sleepwear in Canada. Children's sleepwear in Canada is regulated - it either has to be treated with flame retardant chemicals or it has to meet regulatory criteria that passes flammability testing and design specifications so that it can be chemical free.

Those chemicals they are using on sleepwear are NASTY. And what you put on your skin, you better believe is making its way into your body. Truth.

I wanted Canadian made, organic cotton sleepwear for my child. It didn't seem to be a complicated ask. But there was none.

So now there's me. Everything we sell is made right here in Alberta. Our fabrics are sourced specifically to ensure they meet GOTS certification. I am passionate about growing a business that produces a high quality product while being conscious of our impact on the environment.



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