The Preemie Project

The Preemie Project

I’ve asked myself maybe a hundred times why I decided to start the preemie project and to be honest, I just can’t pinpoint it. There’s lots of reasons why I know it will be great – but the why is still a little elusive. Have you ever just known you were supposed to do something? Just had this feeling, in a moment, that that was exactly what you were supposed to be doing? That’s how I feel about the preemie project. It sort of just fell into my lap one day and I just knew I wanted to do it and the more I thought about it and planned it, the more excited I got about it.

So, what exactly is the Preemie Project? It’s really quite simple. You let me know that you, or someone you know, has or is about to give birth to a baby prematurely and you’re wanting to purchase a sleeper in preemie size. I will have a couple made up already but we can have a quick chat about fabric options if you don’t see one you love that’s already made. I will offer a couple of different options – with feet or without feet. Then I whip it up and get it out the door and in the mail within 24 hours of purchase. They will be listed as an item in my shop for sale under the Preemie Project and they can be added to cart. Unfortunately, because it’s just me, I have to limit it to 2 per customer because I simply can’t make more then that on short timelines and its important to me that I’m able to get these out quickly. Why am I limiting it? Because I’m only going to charge you the cost of materials and not for my time. It’s my small gift to you in hopes of making your experience just a small bit less stressful.

I just can’t imagine giving birth early. I’m not talking a day or a week early, I’m talking EARLY. I mean, I can imagine it but my imagination I’m sure doesn’t even begin to come close to the reality of the situation. I feel so incredibly grateful that Mila was born pretty much bang on her due date. It was a very quick labour with no medical interventions at all and I was home from the hospital the next day. These days, my story does not feel like the norm. In this past year, many of my friends and colleagues have had babies and many of them have shared stories of difficult births with heavy medical interventions peppered with difficult decisions and moments. Amongst those stories are the parents I have known whose babies have arrived really early.

What I have heard is that finding preemie PJs was very difficult and the choices were minimal and organic options were extremely limited if existent at all. I feel like if anyone should have organic material against their skin, it should be the little babies who aren’t even ready to be out in the world.

I’m not going to heavily advertise it but depend on word of mouth. I will launch the project with my fall launch when I launch the rest of the PJs and I hope that if you share this with one person, and they share it with one person, hopefully I can do this small little thing and it maybe helps just a little. Sometimes just a little bit of a help is all you need.

Kasia Taekema


Kasia Taekema

I just wanted to say I think the preemie project is amazing. I had a preemie baby who is now almost 3months old adjusted age is almost 1.5months. I didn’t know about this when I had my daughter who came very quick and unexpected but it would have been amazing to take advantage especially since we weren’t prepared for a early baby and weren’t able to find any preemie clothes let alone many newborn. The quick turn around and offering at cost of material is also a blessing since your thrown into a lot of costs especially if you didn’t get to have your baby shower and now spending time in the NICU and money for parking, travel, food etc every little bit helps. Just wanted to thank you for offering this to preemie family’s
-lots of love from a preemie mom ?

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