Sleepers without feet - Stupid or Genius?

Sleepers without feet - Stupid or Genius?

When I first had Mila, I saw cuffed sleepers with no feet on them and I thought it was the stupidest thing ever. Full stop. WHY would I want to buy a sleeper that didn't have feet on it?? Those tiny feet would freeze! Who are these morons making sleepers without feet??

Hah. Okay, so let's look at it.

So, sleepers with feet. They ensure that the child's foot is covered at all times. There's no chance of them yanking off little socks or shoes and they are in theory kept warm. But here's the thing. Have you woken up and grabbed your baby from the crib in the morning and felt their feet inside the footed sleepers? They're not warm. In fact, typically I found them to be alarmingly cold. But really, it makes sense. Cotton is not known for being particularly good at keeping heat in or cold out. It's a very breathable fabric and allows for good ventilation but warmth? No. It's not one of its strengths.

The absolute best way to keep your baby's feet warm is with wool. Full stop. 100% the BEST way. Why? Because not only does it keep warmth in but it allows for good ventilation and it doesn't cause overheating. Fabrics like fleece (ugh.) are man-made and don't breathe. It's perhaps unlikely your baby would overheat in fleece but when you use natural fabrics that allow for better air circulation, you just nix that chance all together.

In comes the footless sleeper. You are 100% better off to use a footless sleeper with an excellent quality merino wool sock then you are using a footed sleeper. The wool sock with keep the toes nice and warm and allow for great ventilation. My daughter sleeps in a sleepsack so there is really no way for her to pull off the socks. I put them off before the sleeper so they are nicely tucked into the sleeper cuff. If you haven't considered this route and you are firmly stuck on using sleepers with feet, I highly recommend giving it a shot. When Mila was an infant, I was going through sleeper sizes what felt like bi-weekly meanwhile she had a footless one that lasted 3 months. 

Another reason the footless sleeper rivals the footed one is that I guarantee you the first place a baby will grow out of a sleeper is in the length and likely, the feet. Those legs and feet grow FAST. Using footless sleepers allows for room to grow - you can fold up the cuff if its initially too long and fold it down as the child grows. You will get way more mileage out of a footless sleeper then you will a one with feet.

Lastly, if your little one is started to pull themselves to standing, no matter what kind of grippy things they put on the bottom of those sleeper feet, it will never be as good as a good pair of slippers for motoring around in the morning or evening in their jammies. Invest in a great pair of wool slippers (see my post on first year essentials for my favorite ones) and you won't be sorry.

I do make footed sleepers (like the Navy Wolf Sleeper) and they sell fast. In fact, they sold out almost instantly when I first launched the line. I will keep making them in limited prints because I know some people want them but I will continue to encourage you to try footless sleepers with the appropriate accessories - I wish someone had convinced me of it sooner.

Kasia Taekema

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